Attitude Can Make The Desired Difference In Your Texes Test

The TExES test can be very stressful. If you are not properly prepared, it can push your confidence levels to an all time low. However it is critical that you remain poised and confident if you intend to pass the TExES teacher certification test. The TExES test goes beyond testing your academic skills; it is also a test of your nerves.

? Visualize Success

A vast majority of people fail the TExES test in spite of preparing hard. This is because they are always imagining the worst. They keep on conjuring up images of failure. They keep thinking that they would forget key points while writing the test. So first of all, keep the right attitude. Think positive.

1. The Result Of Negative Thinking Is Failure

This acts like a self-fulfilling prophecy and actually transforms the candidates? fears into reality. But don?t worry as this problem has a very simple solution. Frequently visualize that you are able to answer all the questions and successfully pass the test. This really works! It would bring about remarkable changes. You would have extra energy and a better mood. You will also be able to learn things faster during your TExES study and retain them well.

2. Self Suggestion

This is the verbal counterpart of visualization. It takes into account the fact that our minds incessantly produce thoughts throughout the day. These thoughts do not come in a large variety. The average person keeps thinking the same thoughts over and over again, when not working on something particular.

Consciously Directing Your Thoughts

If you observe your idle thoughts at various periods of time, you will notice how randomly they flow. All you have to do is, remember to consciously introduce desirable thoughts, and focus. It would help in dramatically improving your performance.

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If you catch yourself thinking, ?I will never be able to pass this test.? Interrupt the thought right away and say to yourself, ?Many people pass this test and get great teaching jobs. I can also do the same.?

Develop several similar positive suggestions for yourself. Keep them short and precise. Repeat them:

1. A few times before going to sleep,

2. When you wake up in the morning,

3. At the beginning of every study session, and

4. Whenever you catch yourself thinking differently

Check out our TExES study guide which provides valuable suggestions about improving your attitude. These suggestions have been gathered from many years of thorough research, and have been used by many successful TExES candidates. They are already enjoying the benefits of the teaching profession? you can too!