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Laguna Niguel Montessori Center – Upcoming Events 2012

All the children are settling in nicely to the routine of school and the parents seem to have a sense of relief as well! The children are busy making new friends and getting new lessons on our wonderful Montessori Materials! While all this is going on, I’d like to point …

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Cerebral Celebrities

Going back to school is as appealing as the scent of rotten banana peels, and, combined with the spring weather, studying for finals seems nearly impossible. But earning your degree is one of the most important and best decisions you can do now in order to secure your future. Just …

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Creating Places for Kids to Move in Small Spaces

Early childhood care professionals know movement contributes to the overall development of young kids. In the physical area, movement not only helps necessary motor skills develop and mature properly, but it also encourage physical fitness, which is especially essential considering the current childhood obesity disaster and its related health issues. …

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Choose Better School For Your Children

Right education needs a right school. Each and Every school should have good facilities like well atmosphere, playgrounds, infrastructure, teaching staff, experienced organizers etc. Education does not mean reading the alphabets and the numbers only, it’s about both physical and mental development of the student. School must help one to …

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Ingraining The Art Of Sharing In Kids

Polly! give me my Doll and don’t dare to touch it. Don’t you know this is mine?” This kind of conversations is very common among children. They do not tend to share their things with others. They cannot even be blamed for this because it is a human nature to …