Best Nursery Schools in Najafgarh Delhi

Najafgarh is a locality in Delhi that was named after the Fort Administrator or Kiledar Nazaf Khan a powerful Persian noble of the Mughal Dynasty during the 16th century. Known for its ice factories, it’s surprising to find a school that sounds so warm – Happy Model Sr. Sec. School is located between the Sheetla Mata Mandir and the bus stand. A school that extends from Nursery to class 12, Happy Model Senior Secondary school is proud to be a model school in the locality in terms of education.

Affiliated to the CBSE Board, Happy Model has students coming from the low and medium income group. Most of the children from these schools have parents that either own shops or have businesses of their own. Some of them are even first generation learners with the parents barely literate. Headed by Mrs. Geeta Ghai, the principal of the school, to her it doesn’t make a difference whether the children are first generation learners. “It is our duty to do whatever we can for these children and turn them into mature and responsible individuals.

Someone has to make a start and that’s what our school is meant for” a teacher at the school said. The teachers were simple, each with their basic teaching certificates but one thing was common in them all – They all liked being with children and were happy where they were. There were some teachers who were warm and motherly and others that commanded respect – the sort that children would fear from. The nursery and primary teachers looked patient while the senior school teachers were hard on the boys if they were rude or in-disciplined.

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The school is located at the outskirts of the southwestern part of New Delhi, the school had a mixture of Rural and Urban population from New Delhi and Haryana. The strong impact of the dialect could be seen in the children’s accent. The school was an English medium one. In-fact, it was this aspect of the school that had attracted a lot of parents in the community.

They all wanted their children to study in an English medium school, because they never got that chance in their lives and wanted their children to benefit from the opportunity. Raju’s father was a cobbler in the area and put in all his earnings to get Raju educated so that the financial level of the family would come up. Happy Model Senior Secondary school was actually making lives happy.