Encouraging Children With A Flair For Painting

I feel – a failure. That’s it as far as I’m concerned – I feel that this is the destiny that I accept, that will never change. ” Toward the end of the year, however, his optimism was rudely shattered by the first signs of his illness, a type of epilepsy that took the form of delusions and psychotic attacks. It was during one of those seizures that he cut off his left earlobe. Van Gogh’s dreams of becoming an artist’ crumbled. Today, Van Gogh is generally considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt. Leonardo’s status as an illegitimate child certainly affected his personal development.

He would never be able to attend a university or even become a notary like his father because he was so fearful of filling up forms that ordinary children make their parent’s fill or they don’t mind filling themselves. Also, Leonardo no doubt felt neglected by his parents. Not only was because of his birth, but his mother was soon distracted by her own children, and his father, Ser Piero probably and had no time for Leonardo, in Florence. He decided to teach himself and observed nature. This is seen in his notebooks which were filled with data and drawings that reveal his other scientific interests: firearms, the action of water, the flight of birds (leading to designs for human flight), the growth of plants, and geology (the study of earth and its history).

He also spelt out the rules of linear perspective. His perspective of clarity (distant objects are less distinct) and perspective of color (distant objects are more muted in color) were simply outstanding to other artists of his era. He wrote about both of these principles in his notebooks. These days when children do badly in academics, parents get tensed. Very few notice that if they are poor at academics, they must be good at something else. Many a times it turns out to be sport or music or dance and even painting. While sports can still be an option parents can consider for the wide scope they have in quotas for higher education, jobs and the perks with it, painting still seems to be a difficult option.

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Most parents try and push their children into commercial art so that they can earn some money but few are innate painters that pint for life, for humanity and for the expression of their souls. It is the pain in the life of an upright painter that parents don’t want their children to undergo. The pains of watching their children not being paid for their art, or watching their children give their art for free, for social causes. The pain of watching their children gradually come o the streets for their principals. It’s the struggle in the life of any artist whether a painter or a theatrical expert that must undergo moments of solitude which parents can’t bear to see. It is time parents also learnt to accept art for the sake of it and encourage their children to find related options to make money from by explaining them about the life of artists.