High School Wrestling: The Wrestling Creed

Many organizations, religions, clubs, and military branches have a creed. I decided to write a wrestling creed. I hope you find something inspiring in these lines.
Wrestling Creed
I believe in the greatness of wrestling and in the transformative power it can supply to those who practice it. I believe in the greatness of wrestling because of things I have witnessed and deeds I have accomplished. As a wrestler, I am part of a great tradition. I pledge to uphold the honor and integrity of this tradition in all that I do. Wrestling has been practiced for thousands of years and will continue to flourish as long as man inhabits the earth.
I believe that wrestling is challenging, requiring great physical and mental effort. A wrestler accepts this challenge willingly and gladly. A wrestler knows the satisfaction as well as the pain that wrestling can bring. Victory comes with a price. That price is hard work and dedication, a price that is not always easy to pay. But, a genuine wrestler accepts this and is happy to pay the price.
I believe in self-discipline. I believe that inspiring others to the highest standards possible by being a good role model is admirable. I believe motivation can come from without and from within. I will be motivated and strive to motivate others. I believe in a team working to achieve the common goals of reaching the highest levels of conditioning and technical expertise they can.
I believe in good sportsmanship. I believe in respecting my opponents even though I wish to defeat them. I believe that I can accept a loss with dignity and learn from it. I expect to win. I expect to score first. I expect to defeat all opponents. But, if by chance I lose a match, I will absolutely learn from it and return to the mat even better prepared the next time.
I will respect my coaches and teammates. I can learn much from them. I will endeavor to be the best team member I can be. Never shall I ever fail my coach or teammates. I will strive to represent my school and my community with dignity and honor.
I will master my skills. Without my skills, I am useless. I will dedicate myself to being in excellent condition. I must be faster and more powerful than my opponent is. I will be. I must score before he scores. I will. This is my pledge. I will learn my strengths and weaknesses. I will overcome my weaknesses. I will be physically and mentally prepared to do my best at all times.
I believe in hard work, dedication, determination, honor, dignity, respect, and an undying passion to be the best wrestler that I can be. I will be relentless in my drive. So be it, until victory is mine.

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