Infant Education in India

Right Brainy Master is a private organization in India promoting awareness and education for international infants and kids in age group of 0 to 3 years in an efficient manner. We provide a new master technique to boost your child’s brain power for future success. We provide Infant Education by stimulating the imaging Right Brain technique and connecting it to the Left Brain by integrating a whole brain development and growth.

Neurons are the fibre like nerve cells inside our brain. Brain development is a wiring process, where connections between neurons are made and refined. Neurons communicate with each other through networks of connections. Neurons communicate with each other by sending electrical signals from one neuron to another across asmall space called a synapse. Chemicals work in the synapses to transmit the electrical impulses between neurons.

Every baby is born with approximately 100 billion neurons. The numbers of connections formed among neurons in an infant’s brain are amazing: At birth the baby has 50 trillion connections or the first three months of life, the synapses multiply more than 20 one year the brain has 1,000 trillion synapses.

Here we are just going to stimulate these neurons and make them form a strong network which increases our brain power.

We provide training to mothers to build the child’s brain power with a most enjoyable, delightful and effortless learning method just 10 minutes a day. Our early learning program has all you require to initiate teaching, everything and anything to your new born baby or child. We enhance and maximize the brain’s full potential to make your infant, baby, toddler, child or kid into a genius, bright and smart Right Brainy Master in this left brainy world. We bring out intrinsic human abilities such as Multiple intelligence, multiple languages, Encyclopedic knowledge, Artistic aptitude, advanced IQ, photogenic memory, computer-like rapid math’s calculation skill, extraordinary personality, Creativity , sharp imaginary power, linking power, Speed listening and reading skill, storing and recalling high speed and high capacity memory and handling any challenges with ease by proper brain stimulation. We also guide through prenatal education, kids with brain injury and speech delayed kids.

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