Medical Assistant Training Can Lead You To Success

If you are looking into the health care arena for a new profession, medical assistant training can prepare you for success. And, while the specific duties of medical assistants varies somewhat from employer to employer (depending on state and regional laws and regulations), medical assistants have a primary function of helping hospitals, physician’s offices, and medical clinics to maintain a smooth and professional operation.

Sometimes the title of medical assistant is confused with that of the physician’s assistant. The most obvious distinction between the two professions is that medical assistants do not examine or treat patients directly. If your ultimate goal is to work directly with patients, you will find that training in medical assisting will be a good foundation to work your way up to becoming a physician’s assistant.

Depending on your employer and local laws and regulations, as a medical assistant you could work in the clinical setting, preparing patients for exams and documenting their medical histories. You could find yourself explaining medical treatments, recording vital signs, and even assisting the doctor during minor surgeries and examinations, and changing dressings, removing sutures, etc. Other employers prefer that the medical assistant work only in the clerical areas, scheduling patients and doing patient intakes, preparing insurance documents, and other clerical duties such as general correspondence, assisting with hospital admissions, ordering prescriptions from pharmacies, and preparing invoices. No matter the specific duties, the medical assistant will almost always be supervised by an office manager, a physician, a nurse, or other health care professional.

You must possess at least a high school diploma in order to enroll in a medical assisting course. If you have taken some appropriate high school classes or if you have some on-the-job experience, these can really help you to successfully complete a course in medical assisting. You should have no difficulty in finding a rewarding and challenging position after graduation, and your annual salary could be around $20,000 to $30,000 or more. You will be qualified to apply for employment in private physician’s offices, hospitals and other medical facilities.

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