Obama Asks Moms To Return To School – Why Should They Do?

One of the most important bills proposed by President Obama is the new Federal Pell Grants legislation for mothers. Ahead of the dipping of today’s economy, single mothers are left with few career opportunities that can effectively support their children. Obama asks moms to return to school to seize better paying jobs in today’s highly competitive work market.

A higher percentage of teenage moms are dropping out of school. The dropped out prefer to save school time for doing a job that could help provide income for their kids. Nonetheless, if you don’t complete your middle school studies, fewer convenient options would be available. The federal government is chipping in to help those moms finish school, or even earn a college degree. The grant allowance per a mom has been increased to more than 5000$; thus, rewarding eager mothers with a variety of education options. Moreover, the first 4000$ of education expenditures are exempted from taxes; hence, further decreasing the cost of education for single mothers.

The new federal grant finances education for both on-campus and online learning courses. A mother, whose schedule is crowded by her kids’ demands, can join an online learning course and complete her degree at ease studying from home. The government is expected to pump more than 40 million dollars in education funding over the next 10 years. This money will be paying for school fees, scholarships, books, online courses and even internet bills.

Who would qualify for the new Pell Grant? Any mom, or even a dad, with a low to medium monthly income could be eligible. The first step is filling out the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA can be filled out online in a few minutes. Although FAFSA can be filed by non-professional personnel, it is always wise to seek the consultation of an expert that can help you qualify for receiving educational funds. Many internet services can help mothers prepare a FAFSA application that would get them the funds they need.

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Recent studies have shown that rather 50% of marriages sadly end in divorce. More and more mothers are burdened early with financial responsibilities. Incomplete education wrestles mothers who are seeking well paid jobs. However, the new Federal Pell Grant shall help every single mother complete her school studies and even earn a college degree if she desires. Obama asks mothers to return to school or even learn online, through a bill that will surely add to the achievements of the new president.