Organizing For Back to School

At the time I am writing this, it is the first day back to school. Summer went by really fast, and it is very hard to believe that school is starting already. It seems as though when I was younger, the summer vacation was a lot longer. Or maybe time just passes slower when you’re younger.
Anyways, now that the kids are back in school, I need to get back into my organizational groove. I think having an organized home is the key to having smoother mornings getting ready for school.
Here are some things that I have done to make sure that everything is organized (and so I don’t lose an important piece of paper). Keep in mind, I use my refrigerator for my key to organizing. The side of the fridge is completely visible, which is where I store all of this stuff.
#1 – I have a fairly large wipe off calendar. I bought it from Avon, but I’ve seen them at office supply stores as well. On the first of the new month, I write in all the dates. Then I go through all my other paperwork and put in all important things (such as field trips, birthdays, school parties, holidays, etc). Since the boxes for each day are not very big, if something I enter is, for example, a field trip for only my oldest child I would put in her first initial and then field trip (A – Field Trip).
#2 – Above the wipe off calendar, I have on the left my oldest daughter’s name and then on the right my youngest daughter’s name. They are just nameplates that I made out of regular computer paper and wrote their names in pretty big bubble letters. Underneath each one I have big paperclip magnets for each which hold important papers for each kid. So if I have a permission slip form or a note from the teacher that my child needs to bring something special into school in a few weeks, I mark it on the calendar, and then put the paper in the paperclip under that child’s name on the fridge.
#3 – My kids are in extracurricular activities. Only the items that pertain to school go in the paperclips under their names. Anything that relates to extracurricular activities will go in a separate magnetic paperclip below the wipe off calendar.
I know this method may not work for everyone (especially if you do not have the refrigerator space). But I have been using it for about four years and it has worked great for me, and thought I would share it with others!

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