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Education Information

You Can Syndicate Anything

I’m on the way back from Las Vegas where I just spend the last few days attending the Pitbull Mortgage School hard money training program. The seminar was not so much about lending, underwriting criteria, and the state of the art in hard money transactions as I expected. Interestingly enough, …

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Public Education

Exceptional Public Schools in Usa

Exceptional public schools in USA are differentiated from each other according to their academic standards, diversity and admissions procedures.

What to Look for When Visiting Public Schools in USA

There is no substitute for actually visiting a school to decide whether or not it is suitable for your child or …

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Education Current Events

Why Summer Community Service Programs Are A Hit With Teens

With all of a teenager’s energy, it’s no surprise that constructive ways need to be found to channel it. Every summer the news documents incidents of crowds of teenagers, with little to do, who exercise bad choices by joining in mob actions that are often destructive, and sometimes dangerous. Fortunately …

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Education In The World

School Uniform Advantages

Have you ever given a thought to why some schools insist on following school uniform practice for their students? They insist because uniforms have their own advantages and befits they bring for the students. First of all that it instills seriousness in the children. Secondly it makes children feel that …

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Importance Of Education

Swimming Programs Innovation – Music in Your Swimming Lessons!

A few years ago, I attended a presentation from a swim school owner from Japan, and was amazed at the innovations, they were using in their children’s swim program. By implementing music and musical themes into their professional swimming classes, their results were staggering.
I remember quite vividly, my successful …

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Education Current Events

Doon Public School A Step Towards Excellence

Being a parent is probably the happiest feeling that a person cherishes throughout life. The parenting notions are can be seen even in a child, especially girl child. We often notice that girls are mostly interested in playing games with dolls and mock home appliances. It is a particular trait …

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Education Issues

Seeing Eye to Eye With Your Kids

No, I’m not talking about AGREEING with them – as a parent and a grandparent I can tell you right now that won’t happen!
What I’m talking about is a tip to get better photographs of them – shooting from their Eye Level.
It doesn’t matter if you have a …