School Assemblies Can Be Useful in Impacting Our Communities in a Powerful Way

A�Building Character is one accomplishment parents, teachers and mentors alike try to instill in our children and school assemblies are a great way to impact our kids. Planning a school assembly can be as simple as calling a motivational speaker that specializes in school assemblies. Many of the speakers are funny, have been involved in National Sports Leagues, Acting or had traumatic experiences all working to attract the listener. Here are the top 5 things to consider when hiring a school assembly speaker.
-Do they have references?
Many people can talk to students but the speakers that have spoken at other assemblies will be able to give you a list of all their speaking engagements. This is important because with so many fallen hero’s these days we don’t need to add to the group. Finding someone that has longevity is valid in working with our teens. Call all references and get as many references as possible.
-Can you see a video of their talks?
Most reputable speakers will have a portfolio of video clips of their speaking engagements in action. Many of these can be found on the web. Take the time to look them up and listen and see how they interact with the kids.
-Do they have a manager or portal that they are accountable to?
The best school assembly speakers will have one if not several agents or portals in which they work through. This is a middle man that is necessary and can help put all of the detail in place and make sure the assembly moves at a smooth pace. They are a contact you will be speaking to on a regular basis and can answer all questions.
-Are they familiar with the teens today?
The answer is most likely yes, or you shouldn’t be hiring them. Are they up on the issues our teens deal with today? Do they speak the language our kids speak, do they dress the dress and are they well known not with just the staff but with the teens as well. Talk to the teens or a group to see who they would choose.
Lastly, It is important to choose an issue first, and hire a speaker based on what he knows best.
Many speakers have been well-known, or worked Hollywood, or been in gangs and even in prison and they can really impact a community. Don’t be afraid to ask some serious questions such as, does this community have a high rate of gang activity, do my students deal with drugs, are they dealing with depression, stress, or broken homes. These are issues a school assembly planner needs to take a long hard look at. It can impact the community in an incredibly powerful way.

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