Should I Wear a Tuxedo Or a Suit?

When invited to a formal event do you ever ask yourself if you should wear a tuxedo or a suit? Here are some guidelines to follow when answering that question.
• Did the invitation say “black tie”?
• Did the invitation say “formal”?
• What type of event is it?
• Is it a wedding or a banquet?
• What are others wearing?
When you ask yourself these questions you will be able to help choose a suit or a tie. These days suits are very nice and often already in your closet. If the term black tie event or formal is on the wedding perhaps you should do a little research. You would hate to show up with a suit and tie and everyone else is wearing their nicest Tuxedo.
If you decide on a tuxedo you also have to narrow down your choices.
• Will it be a black tuxedo or a white tuxedo?
• What will the tuxedo jacket tails look like?
• Should it be a double breasted tuxedo?
• How about a Western Tuxedo?
The best tuxedo choice for you will become clear once you visit the store and take a look around. If you are going to a prom maybe you want a tuxedo to be your school colors. There is nothing better than standing out in a gold and maroon formal tuxedo while everyone else in basic black or white? You will be the talk of the evening. Did you see Darryl in our school colors? He looked great!
If you decide that a suit is dressy enough for your event then you will also have many choices there as well. Typically most malls have stores that carry both Formal wear such as Men’s Wearhouse and nice suits such as Brooks Brothers. Give yourself enough time to decide as most times both suits and tuxedos will have to be tailored and you need typically a week for that.
Good luck with your choice and I hope you found this article helpful.

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