Shri Vishwakarma Model Secondary School Celebrating The Joy Of Life

Self-esteem is a child’s passport to lifetime mental health and social happiness. It’s the foundation of a child’s well being and the key to success as an adult. Throughout the life, a child is exposed to both positive and negative influence builders and breakers. Parents can expose their child to more builders and help the child work through the breakers. Responsiveness is the key to increasing infant self-value. The baby gives a cue, for example, crying to be fed or comforted. A care giver responds promptly and consistently. As this cue-response pattern is repeated many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times during the first year, the baby learns that her cues have meaning: “Someone listens to me, therefore, I am worthwhile.” A stronger self emerges.

Much of a child’s self-image comes not only from what the child perceives about the self, but from how the child thinks others perceive her. This is especially true of preschoolers who learn about themselves from their parents’ reactions. When parents give their children positive feedbacks and compliments, the children learn to think well of themselves. They also willingly rely on their parents because they know they are being judged correctly for their behavior. This in turn becomes a powerful discipline tool. Among various factors that develop confidence, the school environment and teachers play a major role. The children spend a major portion of their time in schools which largely effects their mental and physical development.

The modern day schools are focusing on creating an environment in the schools that is child friendly and at the same time that can help children develop their expertise. Among the various schools in Nangloi, Delhi, Shri Vishwakarma Model Secondary School has developed itself as a major milestone in the field of education. The school believes in giving the children free space to explore and experience the environment around them. A co-educational English medium school having classes from nursery till secondary level, the school is duly recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Established in 1989 with 10 students and one teacher, the school today has more than 1500 students on its rolls.

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Shri Vishwakarma Model Secondary School has sprawling lash green gardens that create the perfect ambience for children. The school is well equipped with all the modern infrastructural facilities that contribute to the development of the children. The school organizes cultural, social and sports meets from time to time which helps in developing self-esteem and self-confidence in the children.