Study in London – Things to Do Before You Leave For College

For many university students, the chance to study in London would be a dream come true. As an incredible capital city, London can be a great place to broaden your horizons, improve your English, and tour iconic historical landmarks like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Because English is spoken in London, it can be a great introduction for those who want to study abroad, but do not particularly want to learn a whole new language before arriving. The city is a vibrant and exciting place, and is the ideal place for university students from any nation.

Before you are able to study in London, you will need to acquire a student visa. With over 900,000 university students in London, coming from over 200 countries, this is a very standard procedure, but one that needs to be taken care of properly and well in advance. Processing times, mailing deadlines, and other international fees may slow down the time of the paperwork, so stay on top of it and make sure it is completed before you arrive in England. Different regulations apply to different nations, so keep that in mind. The easiest way to check what you need is to simply to contact the school where you plan to study, and confirm what is needed and what is not.

If you are coming from abroad to study in London, you will need to organize transportation to and from the UK, and well as plan how to get around the city while studying. With many budget airline flying out of London’s airports, there is no shortage of inexpensive flights to get you here. Getting around London itself can be tricky when you arrive, but much of the area surrounding colleges and universities is very pedestrian friendly. Purchase an oyster card so you can use public transport around London, and carry a map if you need to travel somewhere new.

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Accommodations may be more expensive in London than you are used to, so the best way to find cheap options is to speak directly with someone at the university or education program where you plan to study. They are likely able to find you inexpensive student housing during the time you study in London. if you can afford to stay off campus, consider sharing a rental flat or home with several classmates, for a fun way to grow closer to your fellow students. Flats and homes generally come with fully equipped kitchens, which can be cheaper in the long run as you can shop for food and prepare your own meals, saving some money.

Just because you plan to study in London, it certainly doesn’t mean that studying is all you will do. The student life in the city of London is thrilling, with countless ways to meet new friends and companions. The student union of your school may have a pub or a lounge, and is the perfect place to introduce yourself, join clubs, or even participate in one of the school’s sports days.