The Creative Baby Has a Broader Future

It is very important to cultivate children’s creativity. As children’s thoughts are not bound and limited to the time and space, so it can be the power of creativity when it develops. Thus, parents need to protect and promote the creativity of the children, make children get rid of machine-made mediocrity.

Give a free space to preschool children

A mother says that her son is so lovely and he can make new pattern when he meets something. Sometimes, he plays with the shoes as boat; sometimes, he draws a big monster on his little hands; and sometimes, he sets strange patterns with the strawberry buttons and bow buttons in my storage box.

How does a parent handle such a kid and situation?

The expert says, if your kid is always curious about everything and constantly exploring, then congratulate to you that you have a great child. Every child is born with the creative power. It is a seed and need to be watered, then buds and blossoms. Let’s take good care of our children’s creativity together.

Now, there are some tips on how to take care of it for parents.

First, encourage children’s autonomy

When kids get the toy, they don’t read the instructions. They are unwilling to follow whatever you say. You will be stunned by their strange playing methods. In fact, the kids have new views to the world; they have created a magic world which is different with the adults through their own vision and ideas.

As parents, we need to do like this. Try to change a perspective and maybe it is an unprecedented wonderful experience. Starting from the side of the most common appliance, what I can do with the old shoe boxes? Toy car? The castle? Or even the stereo photo frame? Let’s discover with the kids together.

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You know that colander cannot hold water. But the kids just can get the experience through actual practice. So when kids have made a mistake on those things which you consider it is very elementary, don’t try to stop him, this is the basic. A clever mom will set the colander next to the kid and let him discover.

Don’t tell kid that you should do like that, he will never have creativity if copy yours. Creativity is very private.

Second, stimulate a child’s imagination

Imagination is the wing of creativity. Human created the aircraft because of the imagination when they saw the birds. Nearly every child will represent when he has certain social experience, so “play house” and painting is the most imagination games.

The most elementary game “play house” is closely related to the scenes of children’s life, it is limited. “Mom, here is your beefsteak!” The kid is walking to you with his empty plate; actually, you just see the air in the plate. The kid only images the heat beefsteak, but you can give him more information, such as it must be Black Pepper Sauce will rich the imagination of the children. We must to pay attention that gives two more information at once, or they will be disordered.

And how to keep the creativity of the afterschool kids

1. Singing and dancing

The art life is helpful to the children’s creativity, because the art activity is full of creation. Singing, dancing, painting and mud sport are the best ways to expend the creativity for children.

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2. Doing handmade and playing with toys

Paper-cut and tearing are beneficial to creative ability development. Paper-cut can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination and give a unlimited creative space. Besides, all kinds of toy are easier than books to make children happy and relaxed. Actually, good mood is also the power to create.