Use Of Technology Among Children

Many of us would not have thought how quickly the technology changes our lives. Use of technology are seen everywhere from home to office, from shopping to travelling. Technology has come in people’s life which they have never dreamt about. Nowadays use of technology is seen where ever we go such as home, movie theatres, even in our pockets (mobile phones) etc. It is also seen that schools are becoming technology schools these days. The uses of technology are very much seen in schools nowadays.

Technology has so much influence on all of us today and schools are preparing students at early age for future. The schools are trying to make students understand that the world of work is filled with technology. Technology is something which no one can refuse and there is no such place where technology will not be used. If we look at technology in brooder way, it has both advantages as well as disadvantages for students. Talking about advantages it helps students to reveal any information over the internet. Knowing about anything is just click away from students these days.

It is something which has brought changed in the mind set up of students. Students spent most of the time on internet. Recently, the NGOs called ‘Joan Ganz Cooney Center’ and ‘Sesame Workshop’ reports that nearly 80% of children between the age group of zero to five use the internet on at least a weekly basis in the United States of technology has so many positive things it also has some negatives as well. Talking about the negative aspect of the technology we can take the social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut which keeps students engaged for long time and because of this they sometime skip home work or play.

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Apart from social networking sites, video games on computer or online games are also some negative aspect of technology which children have adopted hugely. Technology today has made knowledge easily available to students. It has also changed the speed and style of learning. Technology has made work so easy that anyone can find and use the basic material for anything over the internet.

Another major drawback of technology is lack of communication and interaction between students and teachers, for instance students have made internet their teacher. Whatever they want to know they search over internet. This loses the human touch between students and teacher. It is also seen that interaction among students have been less these days because they prefer chatting online with world instead of interacting with those who are near to them. In today’s world, students are not depending on the quality of the teacher but presence of technology.