What Is Child Development

Child development is quintessential to make them productive human being. It is about how the child gets the complex things as they grow older. Child development incorporates learning skills like tying shoes, skipping, kicking a ball and walking. A child develops skills in the five prime areas:

??? Physical Development

??? Social and Emotional Development

??? Intellectual/Cognitive Development

??? Speech and Language Development

??? Sensory Development

Physical Development is the procuring of the skills such as sitting, throwing, running, picking up objects and feeding. It is also grouped in two main areas; gross motor skill (which is the ability to use large muscles) and fine motor skill (the ability to use the large muscles). During the initial year of the children, they start handling and manipulating the small objects. Fine motor skills develops the ability of using the hands, fingers to pick up and hold objects such as pencil, spoon. Gross motor skill begin with head control and works down body such as learning to sit, crawl, pull up and walk.

There are many equipments and activities which help in physical development. Ball, pull-along toys, climbing and sliding equipment foster the physical skills. Seesaws, climbing frames, rocking toys will aid balance and co-ordination strengthens arm, leg muscles. Manipulative skills are encouraged by posting boxes, stacking beakers, bricks and small model toys. Creative and imaginative skills are encouraged by cooking equipment and tea sets as this will encourage them to imitate you. Human body is probably the most complicated machine developed by the all powerful God.

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The development of human beings varies and it can be noticed that a child’s development level may be high or low as compared to the child’s peers. The growth of young childs physical abilities is truly amazing. The expectations parents have for a child s physical development thus will depend on culture, family status or the presence of physical limitations. Parents when notice unbalanced development among their kids, they should immediately consult a child physician. Dynamic development concerns the sequence and physical changes that occur in all aspects of a child s functioning with the passage of time and increasing experience, and how these changes interact.

The development of children also depends upon the environment on which they are growing. When children get an encouraging environment in their home, they develop in a faster way. This is most important in terms of mental and creative development of a child. Physical education and sport also build health activity habits that encourage life-long participation in physical activity.

This extends the impact of physical education beyond the schoolyard and highlights the potential impact of physical education on public health. But to achieve broader goals in education and development, sports programs must focus on the development of the individual and not only on the development of technical sports skills. Children need to be taken to a doctor regularly because the doctor will monitor their growth and development. An environment that encourages physical development through exploration is important for children of all ages.